Bill & Dan Archival of Valco is requesting you allow us to become your supplier for our “Disaster Relief Pack Kits & Workforce Employee Covid Protection Kits.”   We will serve you the contracting officer and your agency with dedicated excellence & thrilling customer service! We created this product to aid our American citizens.  The benefits  of Valco products help mitigate the spread of disease, allowing the victims to cleanse and sanitize while creating much needed comfort and hope! 

Protect People and Save Lives due to “Climate Change” is key.  Valco has spared no monetary expense, regarding the Formulation of our Products. We offer the Highest Quality Ingredients resulting in maximum effectiveness against Disasters & Covid.    FDA REGISTRATION FEI# 3017373153 with NDC# 80321



Manufacturing Production Timeline Capability as your Super Supplier & Shipper

1/2 Pallet 1/2 Pallet=4608 units1/2 Pallet=4608 units2-7 Days$2.00¢
PALLET Pallets = 9216 unitsPallets = 9216 units2-7 Days$1.90¢
20 FT. Container10 X Pallets10 X Pallets8 - 14 x DaysCall for Quote
40 FT. Container20 X Pallets20 X Pallets21 - 24 x DaysCall for Quote
ApplicationClean & CrispWET & GOOEY
DRY TIME5-6 Seconds9-15 Seconds
Use on HandsYESYES
Use on Cell PhoneYESNO
Use on Counter - TopsYESNO
Use on Airplane SeatYESNO
Use on Common AreasYESNO
Use on Toilet LeversYES NO
Use on Bathroom AreasYESNO
Use on Gym EquipmentYES NO
Use on Door KnobsYES NO
Use on Computer KeyboardsYESNO
Use on Home & Office Work AreasYESNO

Spray Hand Sanitizer – We offer product that is made in America, Veteran Owned & Operated, FDA Registered, CDC & WHO Compliant, Medical Grade (IPA) Isopropyl Alcohol, Kills 99% of Germs, Bacteria & Viruses. Essential Oil Moisturizers in every Bottle, Crisp & Clean spray application with a Quick Dry, High Demand Scents. Furthermore, we are Owners that are committed to your Success.

Disaster Relief Pack Kit – Prevention, Protection, and Preparedness!  Disasters happen without warning either man-made or by unforgiving mother nature.  This unique Disaster Relief Pack Kit is Ideal with waterless Spray Hand Sanitizer, Shampoo, Body Wash Gel, and Liquid Hand Soap to ensure sanitizing and cleansing during challenging times of “CLIMATE CHANGE.” Disaster occurrences are more violent and with more frequency due to “Climate Change” floods, fire, earthquakes, etc.


We will customize any once size order your agency desires!

1 oz.  2 oz.  4 oz.  8 oz.  16 oz.  32 oz.  1 Gallon 

*D= Landed (Free) Shipping Mainland  USA   Only  / USA  Territories Alaska,  Puerto Rico, Guam, Saipan, etc. Excluded.